Clear Desk Partitions with Metal Feet: 18"h

Clear Desk Partitions with Metal Feet: 18"h

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WorkSpace Shield

Easy-mount plexiglass barrier

  • Plexiglass panel: ¼-inch, clear
  • Units have 4 feet and include self-stick rubber bottoms
  • Metal Feet color is black
  • Base mounts on any flat surface: desk, table, countertop, work-surface
  • Connector kits available for multiple shields to allow you to customize your setup
  • Connector configurations: corner, straight, T, and four-way


- Plexiglass insert can be removed for easy cleaning
- Easy Installation - no tools needed
- 3M Dual Lock is provided to secure to work surfaces
- Base will not damage mounting surface
- All products include a Lifetime Product Warranty with a 2 year Labor Warranty
- Made in the USA